What I do for a Buyer

What I do for you - The Buyer

  • Buyer agency representation
  • Initial buyer orientation session: Free!
  • Personalized advice/recommendations on property style, location, qualifying for a mortgage and permanence of investment
  • Advise best approach of negotiating the possible price, terms and additional amenities
  • Explain all documents & associated closing costs; compile offer
  • Email, mail, or call with all properties suiting you parameters as they hit the market - you should not miss anything suited to your needs!
  • Show properties at times conventient to you the buyer
  • Provide written information on each property that is shown
  • Advise on mortgage providers, interest rates and types of mortgages. Monitor mortgage processing, advise on sonstruction, builders, construction financing
  • Personally present all contracts for buyer if at all possible
  • Facilitate all required inpections
  • Negotiate for necessary repairs or concessions
  • Make arrangements for settlement
  • Attend pre-settlement walk-through and settlement with the buyer
  • Advise and negotiate for YOU the buyer